Showtime Media

All of our publications created for pre- and post-show promotions are made available as electronic publications and can be linked on exhibition websites for download. We are also able to offer on-site mobile applications for smartphone users at the event.

The promotional and sponsorship sales that we conduct on each product offers exhibitors new and innovative ideas for maximising their campaigns. Keeping up-to-date with all the latest developments in paper-based media, we work closely with our printers to offer our clients cutting-edge solutions for advertising in print. This allows SMS to improve on new publications revenue streams, and to improve the publishing fee to your organisation.

Editorial inclusions in our publications are commissioned and collated from the exhibitors and industry specialists. This is a FREE service that we offer as an opportunity for all exhibitors to promote their products and services within the publications. This service highlights the credibility of the publications, maximising their shelf-life.